Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Get off the fence in your relationship!

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Are you struggling with your relationship, unsure about your partner, and wondering how to move forward?

Over the next four weeks, Should I Stay or Should I Go? is going to help you get unstuck.

We've all been there.

It's hard to tell if your relationship is right for you when there's so much push and pull.

You don't want to wake up and realize you've wasted a year (or more) trying to build a life with someone who's not willing or able to fulfill your needs!

But at the same time, you don't want to leave your relationship behind, especially if might only take a small shift to bring you and your partner back to closeness and intimacy.

So here's the thing:

Most relationship programs are going to try to "save" your relationship by giving you tools and strategies to bring you closer to your partner.

But if you and your partner aren't all-in, no amount of relationship tools are going to help; they'll just have you spinning your wheels. The first step is committing to your relationship.

So we created a program to help you do that.

Over the next four weeks, we're going to help help you get clear on what you want from your partner, and whether or not they can provide that for you.

With each step you'll move out of uncertainty and doubt, and into a place of clarity and empowerment. And each week, you'll gather vital information to aid in your choice.

So when it's time to decide whether you're going to fully commit yourself to this relationship, or if it’s time to go in a new direction, you'll have the ability to choose your path with confidence and compassion.

What our Clients are Saying

'"Should I Stay or Should I Go?' is a beautiful roadmap for any relationship. Lisa and Trevor give crystal-clear insights, using accessible language with plenty of real-life examples and scenarios. There's humor, deep dive inquiry, and much more packed into this course. The videos are concise and to the point, yet provoke deep curiosity about the nature of our intimate relationships. This course is a must for anyone thinking about staying, and anyone thinking about going!" - B.P.

I love this program because it's so practical and easy to understand. Facing my emotions has always been a barrier for me in relationships, so the module on feelings was just what I needed. While working on the program, I had a chance to apply the "Drop the Blame, Drop the Complaint" principles and I was so glad to have those tools when I needed them! Trevor and Lisa are a great pair, gifted professionals, and enjoyable to watch. I highly recommend this course. - R.Q.

The 4-Week Journey


Here we'll be introducing the core concepts that we'll be coming back to throughout each module. You'll learn about connectors and separators, and how you and your partner are playing out these roles in your relationship (for better or worse).

Week 1: No More Blame, No More Complaints

We’ll help you let go of all the blame, complaints, and resentments that have been clouding your view of the relationship. We’ll be helping you take back your power and responsibility and start making choices for yourself again.

Week 2: Feel Your Big Feelings

We’ll help you move past the reactive, defensive behaviors that come up when you try to avoid your emotions, and help you see how your old triggers and stories might be creating a fiction about your current relationship.

Week 3: Ask For What You Want

We’ll give you the tools you need to advocate for yourself clearly and effectively, and help you gain a better understanding of how much your partner is willing and able to show up in your relationship.

Week 4: Receive What You Want

We’ll help you get out of your own way and remove all the self-sabotaging habits that are stopping you from receiving what your partner’s giving. We’ll help get you to a place where you can trust that you’re seeing your relationship clearly.

The Decision

This is what it's all about; deciding to commit yourself fully to your relationship, or to move on to something new. No matter what you decide, we'll help you deal with any resistance and doubts that come up, and help you move forward with confidence and compassion.

You'll have access to:

In-depth videos walking you through the subject matter for each week.

Written materials and practice exercises to bring the teachings to life.

A support community where you can post your questions and share your experiences.

See the Program in Action

Here's an excerpt from Module 2, "Feel Your Big Feelings." We start out with a roleplay of a typical argument between couples, and then show how feeling our big feelings can make a huge difference in our interactions. Don't worry, we like each other in real life!

Meet the Authors

Trevor Brown, MA, LPCC

Trevor Brown

Trevor operates a private therapy practice where he helps couples, families and children overcome their repetitive patterns, develop a healthy and confident sense of self and generate transformational changes in their life. He is certified by PACT and SPT (Synergetic Play Therapy), and is continually seeking to deepen his understanding of the human condition.

“Trevor is brilliant at cutting right to the core, framing issues that once seemed convoluted with clarity and simplicity. He is intelligent and insightful and uses these qualities to guide people toward understanding their inner workings and break out of long-term self-sabotaging patterns. Trevor is a gifted therapist and will be an asset to any client that comes through his door.” - Jordan Urban

Lisa Chatham, MA, LPCC

In addition to running a practice of her own, Lisa serves as a faculty member at the Psychology & Yoga Studies department of Naropa University. She has extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional approaches to healing, and has helped couples, adults, and young adults navigate both spiritual and psychological challenges.

"Lisa is a rare gem of a therapist. She is both highly skilled professionally and deeply attuned energetically. I have witnessed her huge heart and sharp insights facilitate lasting transformation and healing for her clients. For no-nonsense and loving therapeutic support, I highly recommend Lisa." - Zvi Ish-Shalom PhD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trying to break up my relationship?

Absolutely not! We're not here to push you one way or the other. We don’t want you to break up with your partner; we also won’t try to get you to stay together. We're going to give you the tools you need to make the best possible choice for yourself.

Is this a replacement for therapy or counseling?

In-person sessions can be very helpful for couples who’ve decided to stay together. Our program is here to help you make that decision, and as such, it’s a crucial first step to take before you consider therapy, retreats, or more intensive options.

Is this program for married couples?

Our program is for anyone who’s feeling uncertain about their current relationship, whether that’s a marriage, partnership, long-term relationship, or even a brand-new relationship!

Is this program only for heterosexual couples?

Our teachings and exercises don’t assume any gender roles; instead, we focus on the emotional roles people tend to play within their relationships. As such, it’s inclusive to all genders and all couples!

Does my partner have to join too?

If your partner wants to take this program with you, that's great! But one of the most common issues people face is having a partner who's not willing to work on the relationship with them. So with that in mind, this program is designed to work for both individuals and couples.

What if I'm experiencing abuse?

If you're experiencing any form of abuse - be it verbal, emotional, or physical - close this page and go to the Victim Connect hotline resource. Abuse goes beyond the scope of this program, so please seek help right now.

Do you offer support for your members?

You're not alone in this; we’re here in our community on a daily basis to answer your questions and help you move past any sticking points. We're also available for live webinars if you'd like direct, real-time support on your relationship journey.

Can I join the community anonymously?

We realize that your relationship struggle may be a sensitive issue, so our support community is private and accessible to members only. You can choose to use your full name or an alias for anonymity, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Regular Price: $597
Limited-Time Offer: $149

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